About me

Formerly graduated with a D.N.S.EP @ in “Le Quai” – Superior Art school of Mulhouse as graphic designer, I focused on animation & went to the field of motion-design, doing very various kind of content : 3d for architecture, large scale projections for festivals, interactive flash contents, dataviz, scientific & medical visualization.

After being graduated I spent one year as employee in a multimedia agency in Montpellier, where i settled for some years as a freelance, and moved to Berlin in 2008 to build my own atelier called Atelier Äuglein.
In the upcoming years I’d like to move a bit towards data visualizing for engaged journalism and game design.

Most of my works were done alone, from concept to final delivery, using a wide range of tools to quickly achieve the desired result.
If you have any need in motion graphics, you can directly contact me directly :

For inquiries in German-only language, contact my assistant for a perfect understanding :

Julien Bach
Atelier Äuglein
Oppelnerstr. 12
10997 Berlin